Rungolee Boutique

Graphic design, brand collateral, web imaging, and WooCommerce product management for a global fashion line.

Rungolee Boutique

Graphic design, web imaging and Woocommerce product management for a global fashion line.


Create and manage online product listings, line sheets, photo retouching, web imagery, press kits, event marketing and advertising for each season.

My Role

Web Design, Product Specialist, Graphic Design, Event Branding, Advertising




InDesign, Photoshop, Illustrator, Wordpress


Rungolee is a boutique brand that offers a unique blend of traditional Indian textiles and contemporary Western designs. The brand celebrates the beauty and diversity of Indian culture through its unique fashion designs while also promoting ethical and sustainable practices in the industry.


Working with founder Anjali Kamra, I was tasked with unifying and managing digital assets, color correcting and optimizing web and print-ready photos, and creating seasonal marketing materials such as flyers, look books, press kits and social media graphics.

I also acted as an ecommerce product specialist, ensuring that the company's WooCommerce product catalog was accurate, user-friendly and optimized for sales and customer usability.


Customer-facing showcase of the latest collection.

Line  Sheets

Digital and print booklet sent to current and prospective stockists to preview and make selections from the upcoming collection.

Print and Social

Examples of branding used in advertising and social media.

Other Projects

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